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When is a grocery store more than just a grocery store?

When you and your neighbors own it. When it exists to serve you instead of make a profit for others. When it provides fresh and truly local products.

The Co-Op Difference

We can make this happen.

Join the drive to open a full-service, non-profit cooperative market in Bay City. Invest in a place to shop that you can call your own. Together we really can do this.

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Healthy Foods, Healthy Communities

Providing nutritious food at a fair price


As an owner, you’ll be part of a co-op that aims to

Provide as many locally produced and organic products as possible.

Operate a full-service grocery store open to the public.

Stimulate the local economy by supporting nearby farmers and producers.

Offer good jobs with fair wages.

Help underserved Bay City residents.

Boost the city’s downtown.

312 Lafayette Ave Suite C,
Bay City, MI 48708