The Co-op Difference

Cooperatives are democratically owned and operated for their members. They come in various forms — consumer co-ops (such as the Bay City Food Co Op), producer co-ops (such as Michigan Sugar, based in Bay City), housing co-ops and worker co-ops. Credit unions (maybe you belong to one!) are financial co-ops.

Co-ops are family friendlyIn food co-ops such as ours, you become an owner by buying one share — joining with your neighbors to provide the money that allows the co-op to exist. You’re investing in your own future, helping to support the local economy and a more responsible food system.

Unlike large chain supermarkets, food co-ops keep economic benefits close to home by supporting local producers and suppliers whenever possible. And profits are returned to the members or used to help the store better serve its patrons and our community.

Also, the Bay City Cooperative Market aims to be more than a grocery store — offering classes, activities, a place to gather, to see people you know and make new friends. And we aim to give employees a humane workplace and a fair wage.

One day soon, we want to say “See you at the co-op!” You can bring that day closer by becoming a member and encouraging others to join.

312 Lafayette Ave Suite C
Bay City, MI 48708