Our Co-op

The Bay City Cooperative Market is a nonprofit consumer cooperative organized under Michigan law. Its mission is to operate a cooperative grocery business which provides its members and the public with food, goods, and services with consideration of source, quality, and price; enhance the quality of life of its members and community; and to engage in, support, and undertake any related activities.

Modern co-op stores are professionally run. They accept credit and debit cards, just like other retailers, and we expect to accept SNAP/EBT and WIC payments, as well.

Some questions and answers:

Local people with a common interest in forming a co-op have incorporated, formed an interim board of directors and received help and guidance from staff at Michigan State University’s Product Center. An attorney familiar with laws governing cooperatives has been advising (and meeting regularly with) the board. Board members also have received advice on various issues from managers of existing co-ops in Michigan and around the country.

P.O. Box 32, Bay City, MI 48707